About Us - Fusion D'Lite

Fusion D’Lite specializes in multi Asian cultural dishes where we have taken different tastes and mixed it into on explosive flavor. All of our sauces are home made. Every dish is made per order. We have a Fusion Fit Menu on its way out to cater towards the health conscience crowd. Some people say our Sushi/ sashimi is like butter or chocolate because it just melts in your mouth. The restaurant is a small cozy and bright. So come on in and meet the staff indulge in our food!


Established in 2012.

Fusion D’Lite was talked ¬†for years after we had sold our previous restaurant in Westfield, NJ. We saw the trend of the food industry and where it was going we knew it was going to be tough, but couldn’t deny our dream and passion. My family has been in the restaurant business for many years. Paul Huang opened his first restaurant on Central Avenue in Clark specializing in traditional Chinese cuisine, then moved onto mastering Japanese sushi style dining in Westfield on the busy South Avenue until 2003. As immigrants to the United States, Paul along with his wife, Hsuan, completely devoted their lives to providing the people of Union County their traditional Asian foods, so much so, their son Yao Huang has become the man he is today, as well as his own addition to the legacy of Huang restaurants. I opened [Fusion D’lite] with my father because I want to continue the traditions I grew up with, but give the people of Central NJ a more modern, culturally diverse flare”

I grew up in the restaurant business through various cuisines. My experience all come from hands on. When I was little I would watch my family cook at Ping’s Chinese Restaurant and began to remember sequence like step one oil step two salt etc…. Growing up was different always had the mentality of working in corporate America while having that mentality I was working at our second restaurant Fuji in Westfield. At the age of 16 I was showing people how I roll metaphorically speaking. In 2003 our family decided to take a break from the industry and after 9 years I had convinced my father to go into business together to open Fusion D’Lite. We wanted people to have a place to go and enjoy food and a bright atmosphere. Since we have opened we met so many great people along the way and I would like to personally thank them for their support and look forward to meeting new people!



Chef/ Teaologist